Friday, September 23, 2011

Tight As A Drum! Brian Jungen

Photos from Brian Jungen's solo show at Casey Kaplan Gallery. His sculptures consist of varying desk chairs, bound by deer hides until they are tight as drums. I never got to personally find out how these seats sounded, as whacking your hands against such pieces of art on display to test acoustics is not allowed... generally everywhere.

I found these pieces absolutely beautiful, in the way they feel so organic and natural, yet at the same time, knowing full well that any body can buy these chairs at Ikea, and they fill most skyscrapers here in the city, and could not be more mass manufactured.

It is a very interesting show, and is visually stimulating as far as textures go. The sleek metal of the chair bases are contrasted by the doting brown animal hides and thick black string creating a veil type screen into and around the familiar forms.

The wall pieces accompany the restricted furniture, they are silver prints on foam. That's why they are so soft and bendy. I'm very fond of artists who are fond of a myriad of mediums. They could have been done on paper, or canvas, or vellum, but no, its thick foam.

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  1. wow they are very different from what we are used to see!!

    great job on the post...i love seeing other blogs because there is so much to learn from them!