Monday, August 15, 2011

O Canada!

Chronicles of a Canadians goings on in Canada.

Last week I was in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia for 6 days. I was born in Toronto, back in the good ol' 80s, but would frequent the Canadian coastline to visit family. It's a beautiful part of the country, not that I know much about the rest of the nation, since I have only been to the East coast of Canada, and only lived there until I was 4, struggling at speaking french in school even then. We (the fam and I) went to see my Gramps. Here are some pics of my week exploring my heritage.

If you haven't been to the coast of Nova Scotia before, then you aren't aware of the abundance of lobster. Lobster is everywhere. It's on signs, in restaurants, on the side of the roads, being sold by the dozen on fishing piers, it's even in McDonalds.

Yes. McLobster.

I think it's safe to say that I ate my weight in lobster while I was on this trip- just cause I could! And I'm not ashamed one bit to post picture after picture of proof of this great crustacean feast.

I even got a lobster roll from this bus/cafe.
First time I've ever eaten anything prepared on a double decker bus.

I would eat it in a car
I would eat it near and far
I would eat it on a boat,
in a coat, while I float, on a moat.

The weather was less than desirable. My head was filled with memories of pools and sprinklers and hot baking sidewalks and wet hot Canadian summers! How foolish did I feel only to arrive to a week of cold, rainy, overcast weather toting a suitcase full of shorts, tank tops and one hopeful bikini? It only peaked at 65 degrees the whole time. I bought $7 jeans from the "Value Village" thrift store, and used an old raincoat of my Grandfathers. Which I guess I will continue to wear now that it appears I've brought the inclement weather back with me.

It was not a swimming nor tanning kind of day at the beach.

Different feathers on different terrain.

This is specifically the street where I stayed.

And a terrific slug I saw in the driveway one afternoon.

The following are pics of a day trip to Ingonish, a small fishing village.

Not that you didn't see it coming, but it's a lobster fishing town. Also crab, and fish I suppose when lobster is out of season. For instance, after I roll through town.

My sister and I practiced how to look nonchalant in whale watching suits.

Then we hit the open water.

It was a bumpy ride to say the least. The most fun ever!

To leave on a touching note, this is the front page of a local paper in Canada.