Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Me, Myself and Irene

Summer is over. Well, not Indian Summer of course, it's still New York. I'm sure the heat will stay with us well into October so we can all sweat in our Halloween costumes in time to come down with pneumonia when the degrees dip below 50 in November... Ahhh global warming, you never disappoint. Also, you've finally become predictable to this weather jaded New Yorker. School officially starts back up tomorrow. Thusly, ending the summer. Here's a look back, over my leathery freckled shoulder, of the past 2 weeks.

First off, I feel lucky to be alive. Barely alive that is, after 5 solid days of debilitating, bed-ridden illness. Also, after having avoided an earthquake, a hurricane and a second striking of that hurricane, having no water or power, and a highway pile up within ONE WEEK, even taking into account of flying through the bermuda triangle... again.

Holy Guacamole, Batman, we're cheating death.

This is some Final Destination business we're dealing with here. The lightning storm that lasted a solid 40 minutes over New Jersey should have been a warning of things to come... I took these pics with my iPhone.

After getting one last summer colored mani pedi, we were ready to face the destruction.
Down south, Irene hit hard. Harder than that d-bag Bloomberg could ever have imagined. She knocked out trees, power lines, and spit boats out of the water, no biggie. Knocked out water- um, problem! The first fews days down there were quite smelly and dark.

So we sat in our filth, drank rum and played Bananagrams. The single most fun word game since Scrabble. Then when the sun showed up, I could put my kaleidoscope to use again!

We could pick up all the limes that the hurricane shook from our trees- and promptly slice them and shove them into dozens of Coronas, what else?

Oh- and shove those Coronas into a cooler and hit the water. Duh.

Taking in all of the wildlife...

... and scenery.

...and local cuisine of course.

We escaped with our lives, to tan another day. Not this day though, as it hasn't stopped raining in 36 hours. Back to school time! Are you prepared? I'm not. Not even a little. Wish me luck!

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