Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cat Gotye Tongue

I recently was lucky enough to see the insatiable break-up-anthem band Gotye LIVE and in the flesh. Any person with ears knows that song 'Somebody that I used to know' but not everyone knows that yes, there are other songs on that album. REALLY good ones, BTW. Never to be a single release lover only I am a fan of the EP in its entirety.

Though even I must admit I can be kind of a snob when it comes to seeing a band live for the first time whos songs are sO played out on my iTunes and Grooveshark that I know them all by heart. I just don't want to be disappointed by a less than amazing performance- and having lived with an audio engineer for years I am highly aware of the magic of the studio and what ProTools can do to someones voice/synth/drums/guitar etc. Gotye, thank you for delivering ten times over and adding yourself to my list of 'Bands that are even better LIVE' which has been steadily growing my whole life.

The visual effects were nothing short of stunning. Each song was accompanied with a full color animation projected behind it. Not just colors and shapes like the Mac Visualizer (which, don't get me wrong, totally create a kind of ambiance) but a cohesive story with a conclusion relating to the lyrics. It was all so thought out and perfectly executed without being too in your face. Here are some examples of the awesome I speak of:

Speaking of in your face, unless you've been living under a rock the past 6 months, this is a still from the music video. The only thing these singers are wearing is a coat of very precise paint. I love the triangles and prisms and earth tones and camouflage- really, everything about it. It strikes a nostalgic nerve in me because ever since I was young (and I'm not being ironic about being in my 20s and saying 'was young', I'm talking like six, seven years old tops) I drew these triangles. 

Yes, every triangle is the same kind, anyone who's ever drawn a three sided shape has drawn the triangle I speak of. But this method border-lined on obsessive compulsive tendencies.  (>>>SPOILER ALERT<<< Next post will be on the compulsive Queen, Yayoi Kusama!) Start with random dots on the page. Spaced however you like, not too equidistant but not too random is usually how I like it. Connect these dots to make ONLY triangles. If you mess up and get a square, fine, connect two of those dots, you've got a triangle. If you end up with any other shape, you're terrible at this and should forfeit now. What you get is a crystal shaped form on the page. Now make a single dot in the very center of each of those triangles. Connect the dot you just made to the corners of your triangles, creating three more triangles within that one. Now you've got triangles squared. This is what that looks like. 

I added the circles because I was extra bored. This is on a table top at the bar Flight 151. It's a pretty good time killer. Especially if fine point magic markers are provided and the tips are still intact and not all f*#ed up because the establishment you're in does not admit children inside. Yes!

My trademark stage shot. Spotlights. Water bottles. Cables. Pedals. I just LOVE this imagery. Such an ADD afflicted child at heart. Shiny shiny shiny lights lights lights colors colors colors!!!

 I supposed triangle illustrations are a trademark of Australia's. Here is an illustration by Dean Mitchell from 'Folk Tales of Australia' 1965. Last but not least, here is a video clip of everyone's once favorite song. The girl singer is not Kimbra, but the opening act girl. I could go through the trouble of looking up her name but she was unimpressive as an act on her own so I will not. Here's Gotye, enjoy!