Friday, February 3, 2012

Frightened Rabbit: A Tribute

Dear Lads of Frightened Rabbit,

I have been one of your biggest fans since I first heard your music over three years ago. Since then I have been at all of your shows in New York City, I even met your frontman Scott Hutchinson at one of them, the only one I went to by myself. I have traveled across the ocean to your home country Scotland, and can't understand why you ever left it, even for tours. I have taken photo upon photo of you, and lest they be in vain, since I refuse to Facebook, I used them as imagery for my artwork. I did this for years, with passion, without permission. As you are now basically celebrities, since you've blown up at Lollapalooza and been on American television, anyway, I have no way of reaching you. So just consider this me clearing my conscious. Here is my ode, my sonnet, my thanks, to you, Frightened Rabbit. Your songs have gotten me through a lot and your shows have left me with some of the best tonitis I've ever had, your image has even inspired my art. Thank you for influencing my life in the most positive of ways, I'll always think of you fondly and smile for that.
Never change.

With love always,
Alexa Strautmanis

All of the images posted below are mine, taken by me, 
with the exception of the album artwork, courtesy of Google. Thanks Google.

Sing The Greys

 First FR show ever. 
Bowery Ballroom
Feb 1st 2009
The beginning of an era.

Live album. A must have, post-concert.

Second FR concert, 
sorta secret acoustic show 
the very next night.

Up close,
 but not personal.

Okay, a little personal.
Technically because it was after midnight,
this photo was taken 3 years ago today.

The Midnight Organ Fight
Hands down,
one of the best albums of the decade.
Go get it.

First FR paintings, from photos taken at Le Poisson Rouge show.

June, 2009

First trip to Scotland and the United Kingdom in general.

Webster Hall

Paintings from a photo from that show.

School of Visual Art BFA Senior Show Part 1

The Winter of Mixed Drinks

October 30, 2010

Terminal 5

 SVA Senior BFA Show this past December, 2011

Had a fantastic turnout.

Keep doing what you do best, boys.
I can't wait to hear more. 
Come back to NYC soon!