Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paris Part II

I am not fully over this trip. Seeing how posting about it has stretched over a month, with more still to come, I get to relive it a little bit each time I put up some pics. I may be beating a dead horse with the cliche photos and all the Hipstamatics of delicious food, but I don't care. Vive le France. Over and over. 

Here's the sequel to Paris, and coming up next,
 Glasgow, Scotland! Stay tuned fellow wanderlusters. 

 The little alley way near where we stayed 
that the night before was lined with legally drunk 18 year olds

The BEST damn breakfast I have EVER had. Holy cow.

Some really fantastic graffiti, why can't vandals in the eastern time zone be this creative?
Get on that please!


Some totally not tacky tourist poses.

The BEST lunch I have EVER had. The potatoes were crafted by French Gods. I merde you not.

The subway system was surprisingly navigable. Not too hard at all. 
UNLIKE London. THAT is a MESS.

Some very happy seats, eager to hold our derrières. 

To take us to Montmartre. Where Amelie lives.

The first time I ever tried creme brulee!

 Does anyone remember that epic scene from the movie
 that took place in the restroom?
I do.

 Farewell, city of lights. 

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