Friday, August 24, 2012

Blogging is SO last spring

My very sparse (non-existent) blog posts this Summer are due to a soap opera level of amnesia I evidently encountered upon returning to the states in February, totally forgetting I started this blog.

 My apologies, few but loyal and appreciated readers. I could go on for another 6 months making up excuses as to why I totally let this little blog of mine fall off the face of the earth but I think I can narrow it down to two pretty big reasons:


All Summer long I've been taking silly little phone photos and posting them thinking I'm blogging but really, I just stopped caring. A lot. About everything and anything. I'm in what parents and teachers call a "schlump" but my friends are calling "you just graduated, take it easy for a while".

Easy come, easy go... here's what I've been up to
 in bullet points.


Got one decent job
Worked other jobs
Worked everyday
Worked every night
Worked weekends
Party Party Party


Worked like mad
Took a lovely weekend road trip
Graduated from SVA
Worked more


Went to Scotland for a wedding
Saw long lost friends
Ate food
Drank drinks
Worked some nights
Worked some weekends
Got into biking
Got back into reading
Saw the Jacksons


Saw Tenacious D
Saw fireworks
Saw the Terracotta Army
Worked a little
Biked from Harlem to Prospect Park
Swam in a friends pool in LI
Saw The Killers 


Went to Puerto Rico
Did loads of things there
Never should have left
Was featured in NYLON Japan
for doing nothing at all
That's kind of it

I have not, I am sorry to say, made it to many museums or galleries in NYC since I left SVA. I'm so turned off of the art scene right now it makes me nauseous to even think of attending an opening of any kind LET ALONE start working on projects again.  Some of us are meant to be artists and some of us are not, and it's only since I was handed a degree in Fine Arts that I questioned which side I was on. Only time will tell I suppose. 

Now I'm very aware that I'm living in the moment of 'young people purgatory', the very small window of time after college before the real world (also known as the last days of August) where I get to twiddle my thumbs and think hard 'so what do I want to DO?'

Pretty big cross roads I'm at, and I don't have my permit yet. Which actually says a lot about my position in life right now. But hey, today is the first day of the rest of my blah blah blah. Blogging again even if it's just to whine a little is one step in some kind of direction.

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