Monday, October 10, 2011

The Past Fortnight...

Happy October everyone, pint glasses in the air please! It is Fall. Well, it's been in the upper 80s for the better part of a week now, but October it remains. I have not posted in some time, I have been playing host to some very near and dear out of towners for the past 14 days and nights. Here are some glimpses of our escapades. And yes, a large part of our excursions included galleries and museums, so I've got a lot in store for the rest of month. Also some fantastic pictures of food, and some trips out of town. A good New Yorker is the kind who can instill this feeling onto others not of this town, or country, or time zone. Enjoy!

Mannequins in a thrift store in Williamsburg.
Yes. I went to Williamsburg. Gag.

Millions of Xmas lights in an Indian restaurant.
You know the ones I mean... on 1st Ave?

Dan Flavin light installation at MoMAs permanent collection.

The view from a hotel room we had for exactly 13 hours.

On the 41st floor!

Saltwater taffy. Every flavor you can think of.

A really amazing night at a party at the Museum of the Moving Image.

A really amazing chair my butt kept slipping through at the party.

I will post more about this, in detail, at a later date. But for now.... feast your eyes....

Dueling guitars, playing Mortal combat.
Not controllers.
Fatality? YES!

Me, clearly channeling my inner Che Guevera look.

Hot enough to go to Coney Island again!

And ride the Wonder Wheel again, at night.

And take pictures at night.

And still hold on for dear life when it reached the top! Fright night indeed!

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