Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Your Grandpa's Guitars

Oldschool is back, and this time it's here to stay. Electric guitars are way cool, but, lets face it, it would never ever have come into existence without many generations going back centuries in time, allowing the evolution of technology to literally rock the house.

Once again, I'm sorry to say, this post comes a tad late to serve a purpose higher than that of reviewing. A look back. Because this exhibit ended on the 4th of July. Probably the most un-American thing the Met could have done that day, was dismantle and box up these iconic pieces. oh well. Se la vie. How's a little French for a show of patriotism? Don't like it? Yea, I didn't think so, Met. Well, thats how I feel now that this show is gone. Muchas gracias, putas.

Enough of my metaphorical fist shaking directed at the curators (who do a great job and kept this show up since February). Here's a look at what I saw. Rock out, America.

Images and links I have ripped off from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Blog, so please click the links for more info, larger pictures and close ups, etc, it's truly remarkable. If one tickles your fancy, do not hesitate to click for all the details. I just could not fit them all on one post.

I know, these are some pretty serious Grandpa's guitars. I was nothing short of blow away by the condition of these instruments. Some of these Mandolins have been around since the 1700s, but they look like they were made yesterday. Just take a minute to think about who has played, and heard these instruments. These are not the makings of a penniless gypsy band, only royalty and the most elite social circles had access to these magnificent wood workings.

Seriously. It blows my mind.

This was a kick-ass exhibit. I probably saw the most variety in museum-goers at this exhibit than any others I've gone to at the Met. Full families, kids, grandparents, goth and emo kids, indie beard guys and their hipster girlfriends, middle aged dudes probably considering a midlife crisis to join the Steve Miller Band, and even some metal-ed out headbangers. Each person seemed to be fully enthralled by the awesome-ness of these guitars.

I'll leave you with an on-topic video
of a Dave Chappelle sketch regarding the Electric Guitar.


Chappelles Show
Electric Guitar, Drums or Electric Piano Pt. 1
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