Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jim Henson's Fantastic World

Jim Henson

Muppets galore at this show!

Like a virgin?

Rowlf!!! LOVE this dog.

Animal, of course.


Muppet sketches

Early sketches of Big Bird concept

I never noticed that one of his arms just... never moved.

Okay, moving into the real heavy nostalgia now:

This is THE dress the girl gelfling wore in The Dark Crystal.

Ahhhhh YES!!!!

All the behind the scene business!
Go see this show if you've seen this movie even ONCE.

Skeksi sketches.

Have you ever seen anything scarier
than these vulture/turkey/dinosaurs
in royal robes from the underworld?

This show is running until January, so please haul ass to Queens and see it before it's gone. I was lucky enough to see this show in the middle of the night during open bar promoting a grapefruit and some kind of vodka cocktail I can't recall the name of (shocker?). Muppets and DJs all rolled into one! Long live the legacy of Jim Henson : )

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