Thursday, April 28, 2011

SVA BFA Senior Show

Thank you to all who came and showed face at my open studios on Monday night. It was a really fun night, so much so that all 8 bottles of my three buck chuck were imbibed before the night was through. Good effort, everyone! All of the work was very impressive, I will have more pictures coming soon, but for now, here are the highlights of my studio specifically. Take a look at what you missed if you couldn't make it.

Sorry for the glare, people, we were responsible for our own lighting.
It did look very nice at the opening, but it was not lit for photo taking.
You get the general idea.

These are six prints of digital photos taken by yours truly,
at that amazing MUSE concert, at Nassau Coliseum in October.
20' matted frames surround a 5'x3.5' print. I'm a fan :-D

These are the same two, along with others,
featured in the Apostle Studio show in November.

This is the layout of of studio (bear in mind, everybody, this is the same space that I painted and worked in all term long. I had a week to turn it from a studio into a gallery. Two coats of the wrong color white paint and three track lights later, and viola!)

I realize that compared to that of my neighbors, my name was obnoxiously huge. That is because, folks, all of the modestly sized letters were purchased, leaving only the big ones at the art supply store near the school. But you know what? That kind of worked out, because it had a connection with my work, the small and large letters next to each other were easily relatable to the small photos and large paintings.

A Word From the Artist:

Without going into so much as a thesis or even a statement, I would like to briefly explain my work. I chose the two extreme mediums of large oil paintings and small digital prints to explore the spectrum of being a spectator.
With an entire laser show shrunk down to mere inches, you feel like you can hold it in your hand, and look at it the way kids look at ladybugs up close, examining it carefully, in a way you never would or could before.
The large paintings, of intimate and random scenes of cables on stage, are equally fascinating, in the way that when seeing a performance, it is not usually where your eye is drawn, and it is in this neglected space, which is contrarily completely visible on stage, that I find beauty.
Trying not to state the obvious too much, light plays an enormous part of this subject. Contemporary colored lights, only able to be seen since the invention of LED, fuel the work, which would not exist without it. Also, painting things already under a spotlight command the eye to draw shapes and forms out of the surrounding darkness. A new age, musical, chiaroscuro.

Hope everyone had as good a time as I did!

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