Friday, April 8, 2011

Turban Outfitters

Henri Matisse, Laurette with Turban and Yellow Jacket, 1917

Turbans are in trend. Yes, I am late on the subject and they are most likely on their way out of the fashion scene since premiering in the first Sex and the City movie several summers ago, (2007, if I am correct?) but the look is timeless if you ask me. Nothing says classic like a big head wrap. Classic, as in, around Before Common Era. Like fur. Fur was worn by the very first upright primates in order to stay warm, allowing us to evolve into neanderthals, and later on, prosperous turban-cultivating people. Hmm... I wonder if Furbans will ever happen? Maybe next Fall/Winter we will see some. Although I can already picture it, and it looks like a Furby, sans creepy secret language and moving eyes. I give you: Turbans through the ages.

Van Eyck, Man with Turban (possible self-portrait), 1433

Not unlike my most recent wardrobe addition
that came via pony express to me today:

I picked red because of the brunette model.
Most underrated hair color out there.

Jacques-Louis David, Portrait of a Girl in a Turban, 1797

One of my favorite Neoclassical painters, without going too much into the greatness that is Jacques-Louis; he was the only artist Napolean Bonaparte allowed to depict his likeness, causing many a scandal for the satirical cartoonists of that time in Europe. He is also responsible for one of my all time favorite classical paintings, (and one of the most famous) which I was lucky enough to see in person when it was on loan to the Met a few years ago,
The Death of Marat, 1793

Its actually pretty interesting if you want to check out the whole history of the piece.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, middle name Fabulous, Bradshaw.

Let's not forget the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. One of her many, many accomplishments, is making pulling off a turban appear effortless.

Nude with Green Turban, 1917
Sorry for the vulgarity of this one, if you're prude, that is, but I absolutely love

Prada runway show at Fashion Week 2007/2008, not sure which year.

Man Ray, Violin d'Ingres, 1924
No, not Man Ray the villain on Spongebob. If you are unfamiliar with this
most influential and groundbreaking artist do not hesitate to find out more.

Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665

Vermeer is the Meryl Streep of interior painters. He is perfection.
His few, but breathtaking works are unsurpassed
by any artist since his time. You can see some yourself
at the Frick. They are gorgeous.

Turbans on the runways this S/S 2011 Fashion Week.
Not out of style yet! Rock'em while you can!

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