Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apostle Studios

Back in November I was lucky enough to have my very first gallery show. I'd shown a few pieces here and there of course, but this show was the only one in a non-school type setting. I was absolutely ecstatic. It was only a one day show, up for 24 hours, and I was only told I'd been made a part of it the very previous day. It was a roller coaster getting everything ready in such a short time slot, but if I got the same chance tomorrow, you'd bet I'd be on board!

Thanks to my wonderful painting professor, Shirley Irons, and the curator/owner of the gallery space, David Hollier, as well as the other participating artists and live bands we all put on a fantastic show for one night only. The whole 'one night only' deal made me feel a bit like a 20's moonlighter in high demand, which is always nice.

I did not have this blog when the show went up so here are some photos form the event. At one point there must have been at least 300 people there. It was quite the shin-dig!

This was the first room people walked through in the main gallery. I apologize for not giving the artist credit, because it all went up in one day, I didn't exactly have time to meet everyone, and if anyone knows who's piece this is I'd be happy to edit this post with a name. It was really a whimsical installation of hands coming from the floor and ceiling holding balloons, with color changing lights and shiny fragmented paper resembling broken mirrors all over the place. The light reflecting on them made pool like patterns dance on the ceiling.
(EDIT: the installation above was brought to us by Douglas Moreno and his associates Jaime and Glenn from illi.SITE. studio as are the illuminated nightstands seen below)

These are some paintings by David Hollier. Such versatility!

I really liked these weird faces by Justin Brunelle. They are on thick panel, which totally amps it up if you ask me.

Here are the rest of the photos worth seeing, it really was quite a night!

Those things on the ceiling are dried leaves spray painted gold!
....and to the left of the stage...
The best possible way to ever display my concert paintings!
A not so metaphorical installation.... again, my apologies for the anonymity.

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