Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Studio Visits and MUSE

Hello all, yesterday I had my first studio visit. As a new senior though, of course there was nothing actually in my studio to be visited, besides myself, and a lukewarm cup of coffee. Luckily enough, Ms. Alice Aycock was happy to look at my past work via laptop.

I was very wary at the notion of starting something up from scratch for my senior project, but Ms. Aycock was very helpful indeed in assisting my decision of things to come for me, painting wise. So, a mere preview of what is to come: instead of what I'e been doing lately, which is diptychs of performers, to branch out into not only larger canvas, but into larger scenes, such as, oh, I don't know... WHEN I SAW MUSE AT NASSAU COLISEUM IN OCTOBER??

I'm gonna be frank, its a little ambitious, and she agreed, but also said 'Just take it slow, you don't have to tackle painting an entire stadium of fans right away, you can always do smaller practice ones before the real deal.'

Here are some of my favorite pics I took at that show, for inspiration. More to come, of course.

Don't hate on my lesser-than-general-admission-seats, I felt like I was in a newly discovered dimension the whole time! Also I wouldn't have been able to get these pictures...


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