Friday, January 21, 2011

Yet another snowy Friday

Good morning everyone! Snow has once again graced us with its slushy presence over all of New York while we slept off that 40oz last night. Today is Friday, and tomorrow morning I will be departing to Atlantic City! To get my gamble on.

I really am just trying on blogging for size, to see if I can indeed write a down to business blog, that hopefully one day people will read, and look forward to. I promise I will do my very best to post often, about interesting and beautiful things and about subjects which ideally people will share my passion for. Because I'm not on social networking sites, I don't have dozens upon dozens of photos online documenting many (any) events. That being said, I have some catching up to do!

Some past events that I shall post in the near future:

-My first gallery show, at Apostle Studios, Greenpoint Brooklyn, Nov. 20th

-Kick Ass MUSE concert in October (SO kick ass that they had a minor blackout)

-Frightened Rabbit Photos from multiple shows. They are amazing.

-My portfolio, which includes works OF Frightened Rabbit. Yes. I like them THAT much.
-Various gallery show reviews and images, with links.

Alrighty then, as soon as I re-learn some html links I will get right on posting these events.
Thanks for stopping by!


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