Thursday, November 10, 2011

November, November

The thrills of Halloween have come and gone, the freak blizzard is over, and we're now in the midst of a heat wave. November, why are you so fickle? The New York Marathon has past and I'm a whole year older, with only a month and a half of school to go until I am a college graduate.

These furry friends are part of the decor
at High Horse Salon, in Brooklyn

I have not seen too many gallery shows worth blogging about. I've been up Richard Serra's ass for two weeks working on a presentation and a term paper, so there's that... I will certainly post some pics and reviews once I am blown away by a particular show. Maybe that naked sensory deprivation at the New Museum, or the painting show at the Brooklyn Museum, American works from the roaring 20s. The 1920's were such a fantastic time for Americans. The war had ended, and neither prohibition or the great depression had happened yet. Ladies dresses got much shorter all of a sudden and people were more or less content for a decade. Yes, that sounds like a fine time to paint!

Speaking of a fine time, this is a pic from BARCADE, an arcade themed bar (go figure) in Brooklyn that has SO many games. Go. Now. Bring quarters, and a beer connoisseur because they have some designer beer on tap, 30 kinds, I believe, at a time and they are all seasonal.

Here are some really random pics from the past week, particularly the Something Heavy show at The Canal Room on Tuesday night.

Lead singer Alan, rocking the house!

People dressed up like pandas,
mushrooms and bacon sporting glitter canons!!!

The remains of a fabulous night!

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