Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey Look! Foo Fighters!

Last night I went to Madison Square Garden and reveled in a performance by the Foo Fighters. As you may already know, Dave Grohl was the drummer in Nirvana, who then became the frontman for his own band, Foo Fighters. He's quite possibly the coolest guy on the planet.

This is seriously what happened yesterday:

Had a really lazy first-afternoon-off-all-week
and did not leave the house until 3:30.
Serendipitously, watched the better part of a live Foo Fighters show on Palladia.
Walked through the SpaHa street fair celebrating the Day of the Dead.
Went to JCPenny, just for a place to walk around inside.
Bought nothing.
Wandered aimlessly past MSG
and sat at a rooftop bar having $6 cosmos.
Had full intention to see Harold & Kumar in 3D and calling it a night.
At approximately 6pm, having learned Foo Fighters were playing the garden,
we promptly acquired tickets via iPhone.
Walked to FedEx, picked up 2 tickets to the show
and an hour from then totally saw Foo Fighters perform with
a special appearance from Joan Jett.
THE Joan Jett.

Here are a few glimpses...

...of the 300+ photos I ended up taking.

These guys don't mess around!

They were straight up with us from early on...

...saying they don't do these short two hour sets... they played for three and a half hours...

... on a school night! Rock and roll, people.

Joan Jett don't give a damn about my education.

Oh, no.

Um, TOTES worth it, btw.
Come ON.

I knew a film class would come in handy on Monday mornings.
Three hours in a dark, nearly silent room
is the perfect compliment to my pounding head.

No, my iPhone cameras zoom is not increasing quality, we just got a little closer.

I'll say it.

For the last leg of the set, barriers were jumped.

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