Sunday, July 31, 2011

Take Inventory!

It's that time of year where the same thought crosses everyones mind;
Where has the Summer gone?

One more official month to go, but we all know that August is really a time of reflection, looking back on the past 2-3 months and smiling, as well as preparing for the year ahead. Maybe this outlook will change when I finally graduate and don't base my year around summer vacation and other, but August is like... the Sunday of the year. June and July have come and gone, and now its it's time to get ready for the Monday of the year, September.

But don't fret! This August is going to be packed full of further adventure! Like the Sunday that happens when you just stay awake from Saturday night all the way through, because, you know, you're already dressed, and the sun is up anyway. We've all been there.

Keep those shades handy, people. Here's a little look back before a big look forward.
Will be back on the show reviews soon, I swear!

Things that have filled my Summer so far:

Watching Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times from the balcony bar at Plan B.

Walking along the Hudson river.

Long bike rides through Central Park.

A spontaneous trip to Atlantic City where I didn't leave down.

Long, yet anatomically correct, shadows of tall people.

Going to a Detroit-themed bar with friends visiting...
from Detroit.

An uber-sharp aloe plant in my front yard in Puerto Rico.

An impromptu excursion to Coney Island.

A barbecue in Greenpoint where the dogs wore short denim skirts
and the girls wore even less.

Fireworks on the 4th of July...

...along the West Side Highway.

Bummin around the Bronx with a best bud.

Making pitcher upon pitcher upon pitcher of Sangria.

Watching the sunset from a rooftop.

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