Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Christmastime in the City

Happy Christmastime everyone! I will not say Holidaytime. If you are lucky enough to live in Manhattan like I am, you'll know that midtown has been turned into a winter wonderland, despite most of the month being balmy and humid and 60 winter degrees.

Gingerbread houses on display on 56th street. All with different themes. This one was just gorgeous, with sugar glass windows, complete with a pond, skis, and a pretzel gate.

Type up your Christmas list this year with a bonafide all gingerbread typewriter!

Or just Occupy the North Pole.

I'd say was with you, Frosty, but a snowless December
has let the leaves stay on and get redder than ever!

So get out there and have some winter fun, weather permitting.

Then go home, settle down and cozy up with some french onion soup.

Sitting by the warmth of a mushroom covered Christmas tree.

I'm off to foggy London town now.

Have a Merry Christmas New York City!

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