Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation a Go-Go!

In approximately 16 hours I will be in an undisclosed location in Puerto Rico. As wonderful as this place is, it is very close to my heart, and I consider it a second home, therefore, I cannot share where it is or what it is called. The increasing popularity has been hurting the best parts of this favorite place of mine. The first time I set foot in the sand was in 1988, so I have known this place as long as I've known myself. I hope you won't mind if I keep it a bit of a secret. A total secret, rather. There will be no in-post links, nor any keywords, or anything the cyberwebs could use as a connection to finding the place in question. Lo siento. Here are some photos from past visits to tide everyone over (ha!) for the week I am gone.

In no particular order...

It's a very small place. Like, Manhattan small,
but with .01% the population, if that much.

Theres a single ATM at this location. Just one.
It better be working. The nearest ATM is a plane or boat ride away.
Or a really long swim.

Did you ever see that movie The Beach? Its kind of like that, but the difference is there is more: electricity, employment, booze, motorists, horses, iguanas.... However, there are less: good looking, but poor acting guys named Leo, sharks attacking Swedish fisherman, armed drug farmers, Tilda Swinton sex scenes. Thank the lord.

I haven't been there since last June. This is my second home, and its time I'm reunited with it. 7 days is far too short a time. I hope to return shortly. Text me your address if you'd like a postcard! I'd love to write one! Any excuse to buy stamps at a post office in 2011, I'm all for it.

Hasta luego!


  1. miss you already, enjoy!!!

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