Friday, March 11, 2011

Make Out Artists

Andy Andy Andy Warhol. Forgive the echo, folks, but you know how it is with this guy. Huge HUGE celebrity while we was alive, he even had a groupie shoot him (that's how you know you've made it) and even more fabulous now that he's dead. C'mon, even I can admit he's like an Elvis type character in the art scene. Revolutionary at times but kind of played out, sound familiar? Well, thats Andy Warhol. As pompous as I'm sure he was, he's still responsible for pop art, which I like for the sole reason that when it began, it was Warhol here, mass producing images that were already mass produced and available to the public, usually for free (tomato soup cans, celebrities images etc...). He was the first Banksy, except he wasn't too cool to be anonymous, on the contrary, he thrived on fame and recognition for his, ahem, genius. His show is up right now at MoMA called Andy Warhol:Motion Pictures.

What is most successful about this show is the volume level. Its quite minimal. Even visually, I'd say the volume never hums above a 4, 4.5. What I mean is that most Warhol prints are in those trippy 60's colors, that only a few hits of amphetamine will make seem pleasing to the eye. Also the repetition! The same bold print, in meth-ed out colors, over and over in a grid? Its the sensory equivalent to being stabbed in the eye. This show is quiet. It's black and white. The "motion pictures" are merely screen tests (a still individual on live camera). The most action you see is in the chick flick located in the back, called simply Kiss, complete with mini-theatre seating (perfect for you crazy make-out teens!).

Its really hardcore making out. For most of an hour. Its kinda hot, but respectful because its silent, and in black and white, so you know the people kissing are either hella old by now, or dead altogether. So, here is a little post inspired by the lusty lovelies in that Warhol Video.

Marilyn Monroe's pretty pucker. Couresy Mr. Warhol. I wonder if he ever heard that song David Bowie wrote about him....

Another pretty famous guy around New York City. Marc Jacobs.
Oh, and lets not forget this pretty face while we're at it.

Tim Curry has never looked better.

This is a still from a video made by feminist artist Lorna Simpson, currently on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The fifteen sets of lips are all humming, slightly off time with each other, a religious hymn, I believe. I really enjoyed all of her work, mostly the tiny snapshot installation across from all of her own retrospective-type self portraits.

I'm not usually a backer of most feminist art, especially contemporary feminist artists because honestly, its a little dated, toots. I'm all of strong powerful women, just get outta my face about it, you know? Here's one distinguished gentlewomen, who we see all over this town....

She invented the wrap dress, people! Have you ever seen a hot little number doing her little turn on the catwalk? Small in the waist, but curves from here to Kalamazoo? Well, you have Diane Von Furstenberg and her revolutionary wrap dress design to thank for it. Go girl!

Salvador Dali painted dream-like landscapes and basically headlined surrealism, but was anything but dreamy himself. Unless you are into exaggerated, over the top creepy John Waters-esk mustaches. However, painting is not all he did, he believe it or not he had his hand in many a creative basket!

Salvador Dali's famous Mae West Sofa.

These are jewelry lips and pearly whites made by the same facial hair aficionado. Pimp.

Prada has it's own print. (Does anyone else feel its only a matter of time before they release their own line of airplanes? Yachts perhaps?)

And to wrap up this little installment of makey-outy, a very voyeur Magritte...

The Lovers.

The untrained eye may not notice, but because of the molding placement in the top left corner on this piece, its been speculated that these lovers are actually horizontal, if you catch my drift.

(::::::::::::::obvious wink:::::::::::::)

; )

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